What can I say — I draw things that I love. And darn it, I LOVE this show! Most items on this site are illustrated in my lighthearted caricature style, but I felt that I would be doing this zombie killing crew a disservice be illustrating them in this style, so I tapped into my "dark side" and created this new drawing in this more realistic and edgier style. As I do with every illustration that I create, I spent a lot of time collecting reference to ensure the authenticity of every prop, costume and character. Let me know if you dig it and I'll make more Sci-Fi and Horror illustrations in this style!

Work in progress images and actor Michael Rooker (Merle) signing my art. click to enlarger


Recently an old friend said to me, "dude, you played in metal bands in the 80s so why haven't you drawn any metal bands? " Wow, that is a darn good question. Well up the irons kids, it's Metal time! But what band should I draw first? All of a sudden, my mind drifts back to 1986. It was my lunch break, and I spent that time eating lunch with my buddy Eddie in his car listening to Master of Puppets for the first time. Man was I blown away by the thick sound of the guitars and speed of the songs, not to mention the relentless pounding of the double bass drums. Oh, and that intense album cover! Yep, I had to draw the 1986 line up of METALLICA! The first person I drew was the late great Cliff Burton with his wine red Rickenbacker bass. This was one of those moments when the image just drew itself. It was like the pen just took over and captured his animalistic rage. Then James Hetfield with the Explorer, Kirk with the Gibson V and Lars with his white Tama kit and that ever present smart-ass smirk.


I hope you like it and let me know what metal band I should draw next. Motorhead?

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