Parisi Studios is the Home of award-winning illustrator & caricaturist Anthony J. Parisi. Although he has illustrated many different genres, his favorites are Classic Rock bands (especially the Beatles), science fiction and Pop culture icons.

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You don't have to be a fortune teller to figure out what I have been doing during the past few months. I have been busy creating all new illustrations for this unique item, CLASSIC ROCK TAROT CARDS! Every deck contains 78 original illustrations of your favorite Classic Rock and Metal icons printed an sturdy card stock and come in awhite window box for storage. Great for those who do tarot readings and music fans who would love to have 78 NEW and ORIGINAL illustrations of their favorite rock stars. I predict that is is a party in a box!



Anthony has a new CD, ALL IN and a new band, ANTHONY & THE SIDECARS.
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NIGHT IN ROSWELL also available!

PARISI STUDIOS is the place where you can order limited edition art prints of your

favorite Classic Rock Bands. All prints are numbered, dated and signed by the award-winning illustrator Anthony Parisi.


All illustrations come in three sizes: 
$11" X 14" for $50 18" X 24" for $300 and 24" X 36" for $400.

CLICK HERE if you are interested in commissioning an original illustration for a gift, 
publication or for your company.

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Hey kids, I have a bunch of new illustrations and they're pretty creepy! Well, except for the pooping zombie. That's hilarious ... and a littke creepy too I guess.  Either way I hope that you enjoy looking at my new zombie art as much as I had fun drawing them, and there's more on the way! So why not grab an art print while they're hot off the press.

OUT OF TUNE is the new graphic novel by Anthony Parisi. It's a 54 page book that comes with a 5 SONG CD! Read all about it HERE.

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